Since ancient times, humans have been searching for the therapeutic effects of gems and minerals. A simple internet search you will find countless results about the health benefits of silver, gold and other precious metals. From just for fun emotional rings to amulets designed to avoid certain dangers, it’s not hard to find jewelry that claims to have mysterious power.

In any exchange market or jewelry market, you will encounter sellers who sell stones. Their stones have a healing effect and are said to change your life. From the turquoise of Native Americans to the miracle of alchemy, there is a long history in which belief systems are wrapped in healing stones and metals.

In fact, the royal family’s initial wearing of a jeweled crown is not only a symbol of wealth and power, but also a means of fighting disease and evil.

So, what are the benefits, if any, any jewelry can really hold? Research is still inconclusive, and many are related to the power of belief and psychological suggestion, but wearing silver jewelry has obvious benefits for health.

Due to the combined effects of price, value and appearance, sterling silver has become more popular as a metal base for jewelry than gold. But its benefits are not limited to price and aesthetics.The fact is Wearing silver jewelry for a long time is really good for your HEALTH:

1. Silver has good bactericidal effect and many benefits to human health. Silver is not only in high economic value, but also an effective toxin testing tool. It’s an old saying that “wearing silver is a friend of health and wealth”, this is mainly because silver can absorb toxin excreted from human body, which is also the cause of blackened silver jewelry with some wearers.
2. Silver can generate certain magnetic field within a given range, release a mass of anions to excite energy, with health efficacy to human body.
3. Silver can detect toxin in the food, for silver reacts with many toxins and blackens that is easily distinguishable by naked eyes.
4. Since ancient time, people have known the functions of silver for fast union of wound to prevent wound infection, growth of bacteria, soothing five internal organs, pacifying the soul, eliminating palpitation and removing pathogenic factor.
5. Wearing silver jewelry has the effect of avoiding evils, so it’s a tradition in all ages to have children wearing silver jewelry, not only beneficial to eliminate “fetal toxin”, but also functional to avoid evils.
6. Also, silver has good effect as anti-biotic and sterilization; common anti-biotic is only effective to 6 types of pathogenic bacteria, but silver can kill 650 types of pathogenic bacteria.
7. Silver has excellent function of disinfection, purification, preservation and fresh-keeping of water. Containing water in silver bowl can ensure the water not to deteriorate; for example, addressing skin ulcer with solution containing silver ions will kill the majority of bacteria.

Whether you believe wholeheartedly in all of silver’s reported benefits or merely enjoy the look of silver and hope it may help with anxiety or another ailment on a smaller scale, there’s no denying that wearing silver jewelry is, potentially, an aesthetically-pleasing way to calm your mind and increase your overall well-being.

Deck yourself in head-to-toe silver jewelry so you can enjoy the many benefits of wearing silver bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, and more! You may firstly get a simple chain for a try: Chain Necklace.

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