How Much Is Sterling Silver Jewelry Worth? Truth is Here

When people buy a s925 Sterling Silver Jewelry, they may always think about if the jewelry they bought is true Sterling Silver or not, how much is the true value for their jewelry.

With this article, we will show you some facts of the Sterling Silver (knowledge bases).

1) Silver Raw Material Prices

The Sterling Silver Jewelry is also S925 Jewelry: 925 means that it is sterling silver and is 92.5% pure silver.

Today silver is selling for $15.32 per ounce so an ounce of 925 silver is $14.17 ($15.32 x 0.925). That is the basic cost of a Sterling Silver Jewelry Worth.

As 1 ounce = 28.3495g, that means today the 925 silver is about 0.5USD per gram.

You can check simply this link to check the current silver price: https://www.apmex.com/spotprices/silver-price.

When you see a s925 necklace weighs 100 g sold at $10~$50, that is definitely a fake silver.

Frankly speaking,the Value preservation of Sterling Silver Jewelry is not so good: because it seems silver price will increase too much, not like gold.


Although the Sterling Silver itself is not so expensive, it is usually 2-10 times than the S925 costs. Because silver jewelry is priced based on the workmanship that was involved in making the item and overhead of the jeweler that sold it. The value of the metal is much lower than the value of a jewelry item as you are paying for lots of design efforts and handcrafts.

Also a famous brand also effects the price of Sterling Silver Jewelry a lot, for example if you buy your jewelry at Tiffany & Co. you will pay much more.

VVVjewelry offered various of mens Sterling Silver Jewelry and womens Sterling Silver Jewelry with a wholesales price, with a chinese lower labor costs of handcrafts, so you are shopping with a lower price with high beauty quality, and get 100% true s925 Sterling Silver Jewelry.

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