Skull Jewelry: Why You Should have One?

Skull Jewelry - A popular Fashion

The skull is the ultimate image of rebellion and fearlessness. Traditionally used as the symbol of death and mortality, the skull has become an icon in the fashion world. To wear a skull jewelry, which sometimes means that you are individuality man or women.

From the street or any public place, you may see that skull jewelry has become more and more popular in the fashion world in recent years. Celebrities like Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, and Lindsay Lohan have all been spotted wearing skull jewelry.

This is just part of the reason why skull accessories have become a fashion phenomenon. The history of skull jewelry is an interesting one.

Skull Jewelry History

Decades ago, English graves were adorned with winged skulls to symbolize the souls going to heaven. This idea introduced the skull as a symbol of immortality instead of death. Skull ornaments were also popular during the Gothic era. Punk rockers frequently used the skull to express themselves and their lifestyle. Skulls were even associated with pirates, who would fly the skull and crossbones flag on their ships.

Originally worn by bikers and rock stars, skull silver jewelry has made its way into the fashion world. Designers such as Alexander McQueen and Philipp Plein have very successfully introduced the skull in their designs. Skull jewelry is a practical and affordable way to incorporate the skull in your wardrobe.Nowadays the skull jewelry have been a wide fashion which every people enjoy to wear them.

Knowledge of Skull Jewelry

Most skull jewelry is made with sterling silver. Sometimes the sterling silver is oxidized to give it a more tarnished, vintage appeal. But with a cheaper option, the stainless steel skull jewelry is also another option.

The most popular type of skull jewelry is the skull ring. It is simple yet impactful. Skull necklaces and skull bracelets are also very popular.

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