To some people, necklaces are a border that seems impossible to cross, especially for men. Men necklaces are a challenge to overcome, as they are quite hard to wear, but with the right ways and information, men can wear them confidently on the streets or in meeting rooms. 

Men necklaces are supposed to complement the outfit, not overwhelm. Simple is the key to rocking these chains around your neck, there is no need for flashy pendants and shimmering crystals when it comes to wearing them to work. 

The two types of clothing gentlemen wear in their everyday lives are polos shirts and suits. But how do you wear a necklace with them? What are the correct men necklaces size to go with these two types of clothing? 

Before we get into the details of suits and polo shirts, here is a necklace length guide that everyone who is interested in wearing the perfect men necklaces with their outfit should know about.


For thousands of years silver necklace for men have been used for adornment or to carry special, symbolic objects such teeth, shells, or bone beads. Different types of necklaces for guys have been worn by different people from different regions and cultures.

There have been sterling silver chain necklace, mens cross necklace, bead necklaces, and string necklaces among others. There have been types of necklaces for guys that are included in a set of jewelry with a pendant, bracelets, earrings, or brooches. Different types of necklaces for guys can also suit various occasions such as formal wear and costume jewelry.

Both men and women have worn and still often wear a necklace over the years. Some cultures have used silver necklace for men as symbols for personal identity or one's position in life. In some regions, the type of necklaces for guys one adorns relates to their status in society. For example, wearing a necklace made of gold is usually for the wealthy in society.

In the African and Asian cultures, silver necklace for men were worn to show one’s monetary wealth. They consist of one's silver coins, amber, or coral beads and were used for money when the need arose.


18 inch necklaces are the most commonly found necklace length, it’s quite short -landing right on the collarbone- which makes it easy for others to see. 

If you are going for something more subtle and sophisticated (necklaces that can be worn underneath shirts), 20-24 inch for necklace length would be more suitable. 

If you wish to wear one over your shirt, a longer necklace is recommended. 

Men's Necklaces: Conclusion

A good necklace is an accent piece for a well-dressed man, just like a ring or a necktie or a good set of cufflinks. It's not going to be something he wears every day, or with every outfit (except in the case of religious necklaces, or something else kept under the shirt as a personal token).

You don't want to be known for a specific piece of jewelry. Mix it up and enjoy expanding your collection from time to time. A few good pendants and a wide selection of cords and chains gives you a large number of possibilities, once you start mixing and matching.

And don't be shy. If you look good, you look good, no matter what accents you're wearing.

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